Wellsway School, SBL Academy and IKB Academy use a range of portals to support students, parents and carers to obtain the most up-to-date information from the schools.

INSIGHT is a fantastic parental engagement software solution allowing parent’s to check their pupils daily information along with future events.

Pupil login presents INSIGHT information specific to the child including homework, timetable, notices, grades, extra classes, behaviour and detentions!

The convenience of INSIGHT Parental Engagement Software allows everyone the opportunity to look at their child’s data on any device, any day, any time, wherever they are in the world and includes communication options; text, email and push notes.

RM Unify makes it simple to manage and access online services. RM Unify is used to manage Office 365 and other Education accounts. Teachers and students love RM Unify as they are able to access all their teaching and learning resources online with just one username and password.

Access links

To access the schools portals please go to their individual websites and use the links provided

Click here for Wellsway School

Click here for SBL Academy

Click here for IKB Academy